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World Community Autism Program

Individualized Diet Consultation

for Children and Adults.
Autism and related conditions; Asperger syndrome, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Tourette's Syndrome, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Recommended Fee/Donation for the complete consultation is $250

To set up a consultation, send request to:

To pay the full amount in advance via paypal:

Sandra has written individualized diets for thousands of people around the world. Since 1994 she has been giving 'Sara's Diet' consultations, based on Sara's Recovery, and using information provided by parents on the uniqueness of their child. Starting with a simple questionaire (see below), a dialogue begins which takes you on a journey into the healing potential of the lutein-free diet.

Although we call the diet 'lutein-free', it should rightly be termed 'Specific carotene controlled diet'. There are many forms of lutein, and many carotene pigments in foods, which seem to affect autists in different ways. Many autists are also affected by Wheat, gluten, milk, fish, food dyes, aspartame, chemicals, hair-spray, etc. Many autists also have aversions to various foods, to be 'picky eaters'. We call this 'self-selective' diets - the person is trying to avoid the bad experiences that they experience when they eat certain foods.

The biggest challenge to parents are the 'autistic behaviors', tantrums and outbursts that turn every day into a series of challenges. There are the also unexplained rashes, fevers, night fears, panic attacks, etc. etc. Sandra will work with you through the difficult process of changing your child's diet, addressing the medical, bio-chemical, nutritional and behavioral aspects as well.

Sandra and Max both follow the lutein-free diet. Our program is a natural one, and does not require excessive supplements, enzymes, chelation etc. Our individual program includes unlimited Skype and email contact, and ongoing support.

We never ask for additional fees once a consultation has started, and we never turn down people seeking our help, regardless of ability to pay or location in the world. We can provide individual diets for multiple family members for a reduced fee.

We always enjoy meeting our clients in person and our home is small but child-friendly, in the peaceful small town of Abingdon in the Virginia Highlands.

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Contact us to find out more: sojmed@gmail.com